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Post-Partum Diva

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Post-Partum Diva: Evelyn Lozada Confesses Her Crazy Expensive Fashion Addiction
Hey beauties! In honor of Fashion Week and the end of summer, I wanted to share my favorite Chanel bags from this past season. PHOTOS: Check out Evelyn Lozada’s unreal bathing suit pics from last week’s post. We all know that I’m a bag and shoe gal and I can’t wait to debut my own Read More
Post-Partum Diva: Evelyn Lozada Reveals How She Got Her Bikini Body Back!
Summer will end soon and if you had a baby this spring, then you know exactly what I have been going through. AAARGH. I have been using the last few months busting my butt to try and get back to my pre-baby weight. I don’t think I have ever been this focused in MY LIFE! Read More
Post-Partum Diva: Evelyn Lozada Reveals the Purchase That Made Her Faint
I’m still adjusting from having Little Leo and my entire life lately has been spent hanging out in Babies”R”Us and Buy Buy Baby. As a woman, sometimes, you have to get back to normal life. Last week, I touched on a few of my favorite pumps. This week, I would like to share a few Read More
Post-Partum Diva: Evelyn Lozada Is Stepping Back Into Her High Heels!
These last nine months, I haven’t really been on top of my shoe game because I was carrying my beautiful baby boy and wearing nothing but tennis shoes and flip flops. However, since I recently lost a considerable amount of weight, I’ve been sooooo anxious to go shoe shopping again!!  I was in need of Read More
Exclusive! See Adorable Photos of Evelyn Lozada's Baby, Leo
evelyn lozada babyevelyn lozada baby
Post-Partum Diva: Evelyn Lozada Reveals How She Struggled with Her Weight After Baby
Hey loves!!! Last week, I covered how to get your beauty back after having a baby! This week, I want to cover how to START getting your BODY back! OK! News: Read Evelyn Lozada’s column last week! I don’t know if you realize, but while pregnant, I filmed my first workout DVD, Real Fit Female. Read More