Holiday party season has arrived! When throwing the perfect seasonal bash, nothing’s more important than serving the right drinks. With some inspiration from celebrity-favorite cocktails and hotspots, here’s some must-try recipes that will be a guaranteed hit at your holiday party. Cheers!

DRINK: S’mores
WHY WE LOVE: This scrumptious drink is served at the famous Gerber Group bars that celebs from the Kardashians to Cameron Diaz and A-Rod have frequented. Drink up!
1 1/2 oz Blended Whiskey
1 1/2 oz Dark Crème de Cocoa
3/4 oz Cinnamon Schnapps
Splash of milk
MAKE IT: Garnish with gram cracker crust rim and 3 mini marshmallows. Served in a Martini glass.

DRINK: Savory
WHY WE LOVE IT: EFFEN vodka was a hit with celebs at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week parties and this cocktail brings us back to the runway.
2-3 parts EFFEN
½ part Vermouth
Choice of fresh Savory herbs: Thyme, Rosemary, Tarragon, Basil or Sage
MAKE IT: In a mixing glass muddle the selected herbs with the vermouth, add EFFEN and shake with ice. Then double strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with an olive that has been speared with a sprig of herb (thyme or rosemary) or wrap a leaf of herb around olive and spear with cocktail pick.

DRINK: Inocente Rosemary Fresca
WHY WE LOVE IT: This Inocente concoction was created by Duane Fernandez of New York hotspot DBAR and was served at Prince’s recent concert in New York.
1/2 ounces Inocente Tequila
3/4 ounce Elderflower liqueur
1/2 ounce Rosemary syrup
1/2 ounce Fresh lime juice
Topped with Prosecco
Fresh rosemary
MAKE IT: Load a cocktail shaker with ice, add 1 1/2 oz Inocente tequila, squeeze in half a fresh lime juice, pour in 1/2 oz Rosemary syrup, layer on 3/4 oz Elderflower liquer and shake. Pour into tall cocktail glass, top with Prosecco and clip a peice of fresh Rosemary and for a holiday touch add three fresh cranberries for color.

DRINK: The Moscow Mule
WHY WE LOVE IT: The Russian Standard Moscow Mule was served at Halle Berry’s Frankie & Alice party recently in Los Angeles and this simple and easy-to-make drink will be a hit with guys and ladies!
1.5 oz Russian Standard Vodka
1 Lime Wedge
5 oz of Ginger Beer
MAKE IT: Build cocktail over ice in your Russian Standard Copper Mug. Add 1.5 oz of Russian Standard Vodka. Squeeze a wedge of lime.?Top with 5 oz of ginger beer.

DRINK: Basil Hayden’s FlipNogg
WHY WE LOVE IT: Created by Tona Palomino, mixologist at famed wd~50 restaurant in New York, this drink tastes like egg nogg with a side of apple pie!
1 1/2 parts Basil Hayden’s® Brown Butter Bourbon
1 part Apple Cider
1 part Boiled Cider
1 dash Simple Syrup
1 Egg Yolk
Powdered Cinnamon
MAKE IT: Chill a rocks glass with ice and water. Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice (add the egg yolk last). Strain cocktail into a glass and garnish powdered cinnamon.

DRINK: Holiday Punch
WHY WE LOVE IT: There’s no better drink that’s easier to serve and more fun than a punch bowl and this 7UP drink is one sweet party treat.
48 ounces 7UP
64 ounces Hawaiian Punch Fruit Juice, Fruit Juicy Red
1/2 cup ReaLemon 100% Lemon Juice
32 ounces Canada Dry Club Soda
Two 750-milliliter bottles of vodka
24 ounces orange juice
1 quart fruit sherbet
MAKE IT: Mix ingredients in a large punch bowl, and serve individually over ice in short cocktail glasses. Serves 25-30 people.

DRINK: Absolut Berri Holiday
WHY WE LOVE IT: Celeb stylist Robert Verdi helped kick-off the launch of Absolut Berri this year and this cocktail isn’t just stylish– it’s tasty!
2 parts ABSOLUT Berri Acai
3/4 part simple syrup
1 part fresh lemon juice
MAKE IT: Shake and strain into rocks glass filled with ice. Garnish with blueberries and fresh mint.

DRINK: Pom & Ginger
WHY WE LOVE IT: 7UP reintroduced seasonal favorite Pomegranate 7UP Antioxidant for the holidays and this bubbly drink will be a guaranteed hit at the parties.
1 ounce Rose’s Cocktail Infusions Pomegranate Twist
1.5 ounces vodka or whisky
Canada Dry Ginger Ale
Pomegranate 7UP Antioxidant
MAKE IT: Fill a tall glass ¾ full of ice. Pour ingredients over ice and fill the glass with equal parts Canada Dry Ginger Ale and Pomegranate 7UP Antioxidant.