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Nicky Hilton and Mom Party All Night

Nicky Hilton and mom Kathy are determined to show the crowd a good time when the heiress hosts The Pool After Dark Saturday at Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City.

The mother-daughter duo dine at Dos Caminos before heading over to the nightclub, where they thoroughly entertain partygoers from 12:20 a.m. until 2:30 a.m.

“We’re bonding and hanging out,” Nicky, 27, tells me. “We love gambling, so I’m excited.”

Now that The World According To Paris has made Kathy the latest reality star in the family since sisters Kim and Kyle Richards hit Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the former child star, 52, finds herself in a new world.

“I got nervous, because as you know when you do these shows, and you’ve got these cameras following you, you sometimes do and say things that maybe you shouldn’t have, and there’s no cutting out. [laughs]”

Despite the omnipresence of the Kardashians, who grew up with the Hilton girls, neither Nicky nor Kathy feel competitive with TV’s top reality family.

“No, they’re friends of ours,” Kathy tells me. “No, I like them. Actually, Kim was very sweet. She gave me a manicure a few weeks ago at the nail salon.”

Hm, what does she think of Kim’s wedding plans?

“I just found out she got engaged, so when I get home on Monday evening, I’m going to call and make my congratulations.”

Although marriage isn’t in the near future for daughters Paris (who dates Cy Waits) or Nicky (who dates David Katzenberg), that’s just fine with Kathy.

“They’re both so busy with their businesses right now, that for me, especially since I got married at 19, and nowadays girls are waiting, so I would never want to bring it up,” she explains. “We don’t talk about that, and I think that they are  into their business. It’s different generations. I was young for my generation, so they’re both busy and they’re traveling a lot, and I think they’re going to wait and see.”

How did she turn heiresses into such strong businesswomen?

“My husband and I, from day one, always said ‘you’ve gotta do your own thing, row your own boat,’” she said.

For Nicky, family has a huge influence, especially sister Paris, 30.

“My family is my support system,” she said. “I don’t know what I would do without them. I feel very, very grateful. I have parents who have been together for over 30 years. My sister is such a hard worker, and I find that very, very admirable. She works harder than anyone I know – literally. [laughs]”

What misconception about Paris could she clear up?

“This is a girl who runs 17 businesses, and works incredibly hard,” Nicky says.

Still, being the younger sister of Paris Hilton must be tough.

“We are absolutely not competitive at all,” Nicky said. “She’s doing her television, her film and her music, and I’m more into fashion things.”

It’s time to head into The Pool After Dark, where Nicky and Kathy snap self-portraits in their VIP cabana. Kathy dances to Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean, and as soon as she gets the mic, Nicky boasts about her freedom.

“Are you guys ready to party?” says Nicky, who drinks a sugar-free Red Bull with Grey Goose vodka. “I didn’t bring a date tonight, so I brought my mom. How hot is my mom?!”

Kathy says, “Everybody take your shoes off, and clap your hands. Happy summer. Who loves it? If you love it, say ‘I love it.’ Woo! Let’s party!”

Kathy dedicates Michael Jackson’s Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough to the crowd, pumps her fist, downs a Patron margarita and gets spun around by a young man. After five pals join them in the cabana, Nicky engages in a dance-off with her mom.

“I think you always have a great time if you go with a great group,” Nicky says of her club tip.

Mother and daughter snag 35 minutes of stage time that sees Kathy playing air guitar to the sounds of Britney Spears’ Till The World Ends and air drums to the sounds of Robin S anthem Show Me Love. Nicky kisses her hand and shakes hands with partygoers while she entertains with dance moves.

The Hilton gals couldn’t be happier to greet fans. In fact, they’re loving every minute.

The Hilton show is over when the ladies exit at 2:30 a.m. as Michael Jackson’s P.Y.T. plays. Aww, I want to be a Hilton. 😉

Visit The Pool After Dark inside Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City, which is my absolute favorite place in the world. And catch Kathy on The World According To Paris, which airs on Oxygen Wednesdays at 10/9c.