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Taryn Manning Feels Prettier With a Tan

Taryn Manning is busy these days promoting her music movie Perfect Age of Rock ‘n’ Roll and filming Hawaii Five-0 in the aloha state.

One great thing about taping the TV crime drama is getting a healthy dose of vitamin D.

“I get tan,” the actress, 32, tells me. “I notice when I’m tan, I tend to feel a little prettier.”

But it isn’t all leis and leisure time for the star, who moonlights as a musician, DJ, record label owner and Born Uniqorn clothing line co-founder. She admits she typically doesn’t eat breakfast, but stays satisfied by noshing throughout the day.

“I eat lots of little meals all day,” she says. “I run around a lot, and I do Pilates and yoga. That’s pretty much my regimen. And when I perform – I burn a lot of calories.”

While she loves Haagen-Daaz cookies and cream ice cream and Fudge Pops popsicles, she finds herself eating healthier while taping on the islands.

“When I’m in Hawaii, I definitely eat a lot of fruit. Everywhere you go, there’s fruit – healthy pineapples and coconuts. I drink a lot of coconut water, and eat a lot of sushi and fresh seafood there.”

Sounds delish!

Here’s my pic with Taryn:

Catch Taryn as a music manager in the coming-of-age film Perfect Age of Rock ‘n’ Roll, and don’t miss her in Hawaii Five-O, which returns to TV September 19 on CBS. And, pick up the OK! on newsstands now for her Diet Confessions. The cover line is Jennifer Aniston/Kim Kardashian: “New Homes For New Babies!”