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What's in Your Stars?

February 22
Today’s celeb birthdays
1969: Thomas Jane (42)
1975: Drew Barrymore (36)

Your outlook is brightening, Pisces. And if your vitality has been low in recent weeks, that too is improving with a new energy surge coming through. Travel plans go well this morning. Update your networking profile. It’s good to touch base with a friend this evening. Call me to hear when you shouldn’t trust your intuition.

Any time you put into working on your finances and resources is effort well spent today. Early morning calls and/or arrangements made get results. New plans are taking shape and now you need to think differently both about your boss and about your career. Call me to hear when you can’t afford to be financially sidetracked.

The accent is on relationships today, Taurus – dealings with partners, customers and clients. You’re determined to press on at work and intelligent discussions through the morning progress joint projects and teamwork. Training and travel have been dominant themes for a while and continue on today. Call me to hear when it’s imperative you clarify your instructions.

An early morning start sets a vigorous tone to your day. You’re full of pep and vigor and eager to get moving. Meeting up with the boss, officials, VIPs? Or perhaps you’re giving a talk or demonstration. Whichever, it looks like you’re in the spotlight today. Call me to hear when you mustn’t gloss over the details.

Even if you’re at work you’ll somehow find time for leisure and pleasure today. Are you planning a journey? Whether it’s a holiday or a business trip you’re fixing up, your arrangements are starred this morning. A romance gets serious and moves to the next stage. Call me to hear when fine detail matters.

You’re focused on matters close to home. Join forces with your partner and launch yourselves into a program of spring cleaning, tackle repairs or plan refurbishments. If the kitchen or plumbing needs updating, here’s your chance. There’s a demand on your resources, but there’s enough to cover. Call me to hear when it’s important to get the family on your side.

Set out determined to cut a swathe through your jobs list today, Virgo! And keep all channels of communication open. With this enterprising mood you’ll soon sort out yesterday’s confusing developments and still have energy left to power ahead. Love deepens this evening. Call me to hear when a mistake could catch you out.

Deal with your accounts, pay bills, send off invoices, check your bank balance. You have purchases in mind and the clearer your financial picture, the better able you are to see what you can afford to spend. By all means do that shopping now because work gets manic tomorrow. Call me to hear when you mustn’t take that risk.

You’re back in the frame today and ready to take the reins of control into your own hands again. Putting the finishing touches to an ongoing domestic project first thing frees you up for some leisure time late morning. Later on, phone calls, news or discussions run deep. Call me to hear when you must put home security first.

Some quiet time out would do you good today – and if you can stretch it until tomorrow, even better. There’s so much backlog you need to get through that it’s only by tucking yourself away that you’ll bring things up-to-date. A confidential chat gets you motivated first thing. Call me to hear when your memory lets you down.

You can open your heart to a friend today, Capricorn, in the knowledge that your feelings will be respected. It’s a day filled with meetings, calls and local affairs. Get as much done as you can because, from tomorrow, the pace of life goes up several gears! Call me to hear when a colleague can’t be counted upon.

All the work you’ve been putting in lately begins to pay off. Money matters come under favorable trends so take this opportunity to discuss finances with the boss or with whoever’s in charge. Your insights are spot-on this evening. Trust your intuition tonight. Call me to hear when you must challenge what you’re told.

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