E-mail courtship correspondence is common these days, but back in 1995, it was all about faxes for Jennie Garth and her husband, Peter Facinelli.

“We used to fax each other because there was no e-mail then — god, I’m old!” Jennie tells OK! of their early dating days. “Peter would fax me poems.”

A sweet and endearing gesture, but those faxes were not without slight problems.

“He wrote one that said, ‘Last night I dreamt of colored candles.’ But I thought it said ‘colored cannolis,’ and I thought, ‘Well, he is Italian.’ ” Jennie says. “I kept all that stuff, but the faxes are fading.”

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Their love, though, is not. After 12 years together, six years of marriage and three children — Luca, 10, Lola, 4, and Fiona, 13 months — Jennie and Peter still can’t get enough of each other.

“I tell her that I love her more every day,” Peter, 33, tells OK!. “It’s been 12 years and she amazes me in everything that she does.”

That includes his wife’s run on Dancing With the Stars, which has been a “phenomenal ride” for Peter to watch. And when her time on the show is done, you can bet Jennie, 35, will be back in her husband’s arms for some quality time together.

“Our dates are dinner and a movie,” Peter says. “Sometimes we’ll go to a movie and realize when we get there that we don’t want to see a movie, we just want to be with each other. So we’ll sneak back home when the kids are sleeping and cuddle up and watch a DVD in bed.”

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