In this week’s episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey, the couples were—yep—still in Arizona on their spa vacation, which means even more deep talks and emotions. Whew! It was exhausting. Here’s what we learned:


Occasionally you get tired of all that emotion.

Melissa was sick of all the kumbaya in Arizona and just wanted a cocktail by the pool in a bikini. I get it. “I’m over the crying,” she said when it came time for horse therapy.

Don’t upset Chris Laurita.

My favorite husband/person on the entire Real Housewives franchise got upset when he heard about Teresa’s weird karma comment that, on some level, implied that Jacqueline’s poor behavior is responsible for her son’s autism.

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Chris is a braver man than me.

He was the first to jump up and pull a horse by the leg, which seems like a terrifying task.


Richie Wakile makes jokes so he doesn’t have to discuss how he feels.

Hi-oh! That was an intense thing for the horse therapist to say. And the punches kept coming—he was able to diagnose Rosie as not feeling good enough within 20 seconds of her standing up for this strange horse metaphor. Similarly, Richie and Kathy’s marriage problems and disputes were immediately apparent.

I want the horse whisperer to be present for every big cry in life.

He could make the Housewives cry just by looking at them, like Jacqueline. What is that gift? Is it a gift? It seemed cathartic, at least.

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Joe Giudice finally mentioned his pending legal issues.

They were the source of his horsey fear—the “DMV issue,” as Caroline put it. Of course, we know that the Giudices legal troubles are a bit more complicated than his DUI.


Albert Manzo is capable of opening up.

He shared that he was emotionally abused by his father. Viewers never get much in the way of a peek into Albert’s psyche, so it was really powerful to hear him discuss it.

Some people interpreted Wyatt the horse whisperer differently.

Once they were away from his penetrating gaze, Melissa and Teresa dismissed Wyatt as a quack, while Chris pushed his wife for even further emotional metaphor, with Teresa as the kicking horse in Jacqueline’s life.

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Nobody wants Joe Giudice to go to jail.

A fairly easy thing to agree on—his kids need a father. I wish all those people gobbling up the Giudice legal woes would remember that!


Jacqueline and Teresa have figured it out.

They discussed the awkward karma-autism comment and finally smoothed things over. Bliss! For now.

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