Last night's new episode of Snooki & JWoww confirmed two things: Lorenzo is beyond adorabe and Snooki is a freaking amazing mom. Snooki is the mother that most people see on TV and say, "I wish my mom was more like that!" Although the reasons are endless, we've narrowed it down to 15 as to why Snooki is officially our favorite reality star mama. Paaaarty's here! Just kidding, party's down below. Check out our list…

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1. She's a huge animal lover. In last night's episode, Snooki said she loves squirrels and didn't want Jionni to shoot one. Squirrels, guys!

2. She made JWoww Lorenzo's Godmother. "Hey Lorenzo, who's your Godmother?" To which he'd reply, "JWoww, from Jersey Shore". Instantly the coolest kid in school.

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3. Snooki stands up for her breast milk. When Roger said it was "clumpy going down" she snapped back, "Shut up". We like your style, Snooks.

4. As if the name Lorenzo isn't guido-baby-cute enough, she calls him "poopers." Cue the AWWWs!

5. Snooks wears the fiercest (and highest) heels of any mom on TV. Or in life. By far.

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6. She has a three-legged orange cat. Need I say more?

7. Nobody, and I mean nobody, talks about poop more freely or more amazingly than Snooki.

8. What's good for Lorenzo is good enough for mama—Snooki takes shots with her babe…of breast milk!

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9. Being an ex-cheerleader, Nicole is going to be cheering Lorenzo on the loudest from the sidelines at his future soccer games.

10. There will never be a shortage of pickles in Lorenzo's house growing up, which is only the greatest snack ever.

11. When Lorenzo has pajama day at school? Snooki Slippers. Boom.

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12. She does a mean Forrest Gump impression. "Don't leave meh, JENNAY!"

13. That post-baby body? Dayum, girl!

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14. Snooks is always looking out for her baby, hence why she tests her breast milk for alcohol. Duh.

15. She has created the most adorable guido / meatball family evs.

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#JustSayin, the Polizzi-LaValle clan is pretty stinking adorable. We can't wait to see what a stud Lorenzo grows up to be!

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