Elf's Spaghetti Breakfast

If grabbing for seconds, thirds, and even fourths is part of your daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner routine, we’re just assuming you’re exceeding that healthy caloric intake recommendation. While giving your tastebuds a replay of their favorite flavors, the act of overeating will definitely haunt you come bikini season. And all those bagels, BBQ wings, and bonbons? Oh, they’ll show.

So how do you stop what seems like the unbreakable habit of overeating when the snacks just taste SO. DARN. GOOD?! Follow celebrity trainer Jay Cardiello’s advice.

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The fitness and nutrition pro, who has worked with svelte celebs like Minka Kelly and Ciara (OMG, right?),  recommends following these two tips to break your overeating habits. And hey, you might even put a stop to your sweet tooth!

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1. Only Eat in Your Kitchen
Your girlfriends are over and you hover around the kitchen table. It’s the ideal spot in your humble abode for a night of gossip. However, it’s not the best place to be if you’re trying to stick to a weight loss regimen. That’s why Jay says you need to only eat in the kitchen. “Save the kitchen and dining room table for cooking and eating only. Try not to use them as a place to do work or other activities, as you may be tempted to eat more,” explains Jay.

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2. Keep the Sweets Out of the House
Getting to be that time of the month? You’re probably craving chocolate, and again, it’s not the best food to be coveting when you’re trying to lose the lbs. Jay says that around this time, you should rid your snack shelves of these sugary substances. “If you know you have a powerful craving during a certain time of the month, prepare yourself by keeping sweets out of the house and having healthy snacks available,” he says.

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