SNL star and comedic champ Seth Meyers is the new host of NBC's Late Night. That's one tidbit of info that you probably have already picked up on by now. With his experience in the newsy world of SNL—à la "Weekend Update"—he's really the best guy for the job. This is a big step for Seth, so we found it necessary to take a look back at Seth's biz history and bring up a couple facts you might have forgotten—or never knew at all! 

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1. Before Seth Meyers was a famous New Yorker, the celeb lived in Amsterdam. He told Vanity Fair about his fave places and that he's not the most talented suitcase packer. 

2. You know that awkward scene in Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist where Michael Cera is mistaken for a cab driver? The gentleman that hopped in the yellow car (but not an actual taxi) was Seth Meyers. PDA at its finest. 

3. Get ready for it—Seth Meyers watches the Bachelorette. He told that he'll watch the show with his girlfriend.

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4. Seth Meyers has a story on the art behind hailing a taxi. Before he moved to the Big Apple, the comedian had a run-in with a Dutch couple over who was going to claim the automobile for the evening. 

5. Seth Meyers hasn't played a superhero yet, but he has written about one with fellow SNL cast member Bill Hader. Yes, that would be the famous Stefon from "Weekend Update." They both wrote a Spider-Man comic book sketch for Marvel.

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