From Jonah Hill taking the hosting reigns on Saturday Night Live in NYC to every single major music artist hanging out on the west coast at the GRAMMY Awards, there’s a whole lot happening on TV this weekend. Here’s a few television options to get you started…

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The Carrie Diaries. Friday at 8pm on The CW. Carrie and pals go to prom on the series’ turning-point episode. Here’s a looksie:

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Saturday Night Live. Saturday at 11:30pm on NBC. Oscar-nominated actor Jonah Hill is hosting SNL this weekend. Anyone else praying for a Superbad skit? Hey, it could happen. Watch Jonah Hill’s SNL promos HERE!

The Grannies. Sunday at 4pm on LogoTV. Leading up to the GRAMMY Awards (more on that below), LogoTV is airing three-and-a-half hours worth of the best song and dance episodes of the classic sitcom, Golden Girls. 

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Sean and Catherine’s Wedding. Sunday 8pm on ABC. Sean & Catherine are following in JP and Ashley’s footsteps by having a televised Bachelor wedding, except theirs is live. So tune in to see it all go down, and watch this clip below of their overnight date from the show for old time’s sake:

The Grammy Awards. Sunday at 8pm on CBS. LL Cool J hosts and pretty much every single other artist ever appears, presents, and/or performs at music’s biggest night of the year. The show broadcasts live from Los Angeles!

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