I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve had my calendar marked for October 22 for like, weeks now. Why? SO many great shows premiere tonight! Here’s what’s on the agenda…

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Pretty Little Liars. 8pm on ABC Family. Season 4 picks up for real in January, but on tonight’s Halloween special, we’ll find out once and for all if Ali is alive or not. Meanwhile, Caleb travels to Ravenswood…

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Ravenswood. 9pm on ABC Family. ...and stays there. Tonight’s the premiere of the PLL spin-off which follows 5 teens brought together by a curse in a town 90 minutes outside of Rosewood. It’s way creepier than PLL but still has the same drama (and also, hot characters).

19 Kids & Counting. 9pm on TLC. In the season finale, the Duggars set up a flea market and all proceeds go to the Arkansas Children’s Hospital. See ya next season for 20 Kids & Counting! Maybe.

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Snooki & Jwoww. 10pm on MTV. Season 3 of the Jersey Shore spin-off focuses on Snooki’s first year of motherhood and both the girls’ as they plan their weddings. Here’s a look at what’s in store for these two reformed party girls:

Trust Me, I’m a Game Show Host. 10:30pm on TBS. Michael Ian Black and D.L. Hughley pretend to be game show hosts and the audience has to guess who’s lying in this new, interesting take on a comedic game show.

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