It was going to be hard to beat the opening number at the MTV Movie Awards tonight. A Pitch Perfect reunion? Yes please! When that aca-amazing film hit theaters, star Skylar Astin hit us right in the heart. So immediately, we hit "follow" on his Instagram account.

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And from that, we feel like we know him. Here are 5 things we've learned from him, just from he pics he posts:

1. He loves his mama

All together now: Awww!

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2. He's friends with his Pitch Perfect co-stars.

Skylar and Brittany Snow (loving her dress in this pic by the way)

With Hana Mae Lee

And with tonight's MTV Movie Awards host and our total girl crush Rebel Wilson.

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3. He rocks a fedora.


4. And a nice pair of shades.

And a tank top while we're at it!

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5. He's working on some new music?!?

He posted this pic earlier in the week from the studio. Color us intrigued!

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And uh, we just had to throw this one in there.

Hiiii Zac Efron.

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You can follow Skylar on Instagram at @SkylarAstin.

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