Being on TV seems like a lot of fun, doesn’t it? It usually (probably is), except when you’re doing live TV and things go terribly, horribly wrong. PBS Science Correspondent Miles O’Brien revealed that he had to get his arm amputated recently after some camera equipment fell on his arm. So sad! But maybe Miles will take some comfort in the fact that he’s not the first reporter to deal with on-air crazy. Here’s other newscasters who’ve had their fair share of hardship while on the job. Though, just to be clear, we realize that NOTHING compares to Miles getting his arm amputated. But still, let’s proceed…

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Just yesterday, a local newscaster at WTVU was reporting from Oakland, California and her nose was dripping. Fine. But it was dripping so much that the reporter, Heather Holmes, ended up swallowing her own snot while the cameras were still rolling! Ew. Watch it here:

Anderson Cooper had a rough time when he was working on a story for 60 Minutes in Portugal. It involved filming on the water, which seems nice, but Anderson was standing out in the sun for so long that he sunburned his eyeballs and went blind for 36 hours. Thankfully, he can see now and he lived to tell the tale:

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And in 2011, Serene Branson was reporting live from the Grammy Awards and was slurring her speech during the broadcast. It’s still unclear whether she was having a seizure at the time or another serious medical condition, but lucky she’s doing just fine now, too.

And who can forget “Grape Lady,” who fell flat on her face (and made infamous groans) while filming a segment that involved making your own wine?

Or the guy who dropped an “F” bomb live on Fox News New York?

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Sue Simmons from NBC did it too though:

And let’s not forget the infamous on-air wardrobe malfunction that this girl who works in the stock market was so unlucky to have live on TV. It starts around the :24 second mark:

And everyone, please take a moment to remember the Bob Costas Double Eye Infection of Sochi Winter Olympics 2014. What a trooper.

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