Saturday night seemed more like a Sunday night to me this week, probably because everyone was suffering post-Halloween hangover, both literally and figuratively. Nonetheless, I motivated to head over to the Esquire House for the Hollywood Entertainment Museum’s Legacy Awards honoring brothers Rob and Chad Lowe and the cast of “Heroes.”

When we walked in the $12.5 million Hollywood Hills mansion outfitted as the ultimate bachelor pad I started by giving my friend Amber the tour – since I was there only a week before I had a pretty good lay of the land. When we were in my favorite room, the open-air ‘fitness room’ that consists of pretty much just a Jacuzzi and oversized exercise contraption, we were two of six people in the room – the others being Rob Lowe, a woman who had her back to us and two bodyguards. After I said, “Wow, Rob Lowe is gorgeous,” Amber informed me I’d make the remark loud enough to attract the attention of the security guards we pondered ‘Why would Rob Lowe have two security guys with him at the fairly intimate party anyway?” When the woman turned around and we realized it was Maria Shriver we realized the security wasn’t for him, they were for her.

A few minutes later we walked downstairs just as Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger walked in. Less than 24 hours after the governor made remarks about Barak Obama’s skinny legs, his wife was up on a podium to introduce the brothers Lowe saying her hair was still tangled ‘from being so teased from being Sarah Palin (for Halloween) last night.’ Imagine a political discussion in that household! Shriver went on to say being in the ultimate bachelor pad on a Saturday when she usually spends weekends at home with the kids made her feel like a Desperate Housewife.

When the Lowe brothers hit the stage Chad said something about at one time never wanting to walk in another person’s shadow but then relented that he’s happy to walk in Rob’s shadow, “My best friend, the person I love most in the whole world, my Hollywood Museum.” Sweet. The former husband of Hilary Swank also thanked his new girlfriend Kim. Rob followed by saying Chad’s accolades were “Better than getting the award” and said, “I would get my ass kicked in Dayton Ohio because acting was for sissies but I knew it’s what I really wanted to do.”

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