So last night was the guys’ night to perform on American Idol. That was painful.

Elijah Liu was up first, singing Rihanna’s “Stay":

“It never got out of first gear,” critiqued Randy Jackson of Elijah's performance.

Next. Cortez Shaw sang the song “Locked Out of Heaven” by Bruno Mars:

Fast forward through a bunch of awkward foot shuffling moves, and, well, it didn’t really work either. “You have a lot more to give vocally, so I want people to see that,” said Mariah Carey.

Then Charlie Askew took the stage to scream “Mama” by Genesis:

Oh Charlie. Nicki Minaj told him she was “upset” and asked, “Where’s my little baby at Charlie? What happened?”

“All I can say is I needed to vent,” said a teary Charlie.

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Well, now it’s my turn to vent. I couldn’t really keep watching the show after these first few performances., so I don’t know if things got better as the night wore on. This year’s competition is so lopsided between the lackluster guys and the generally stellar girls that producers need to just shake things up. After so many seasons, it’s probably time to anyway, right?

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My suggestion: Why not tell most of these guys they aren’t going to Hollywood and bring back some of the talented girls that judges were forced to cut to get an even guy-girl split? This season clearly isn’t working and it’s not too late to blow up the formula and try something new.

What do you think about they guys versus the girls this year? Should the show just dump the 50-50 split and let whoever is best go through? Tell us in the comments section or on Twitter @OKMagazine

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