Sounds like someone will be making another trip to the bank soon: Jon Gosselin has been ordered by the arbitrator in his divorce case to return $180,000 in marital funds, TMZ reports.

Kate Gosselin‘s lawyer, Mark Momjian, said. “The remaining sum of $55,000, which Ms. Gosselin used for household bills and expenses relating to the children, will be subject to further determination by the arbitrator at a later date.”

The $180,000 must be returned by the next hearing on Oct. 26 or Jon will have to appear before the judge for a contempt proceeding.

The judge has also ordered Kate to provide an account of past expenses by the next hearing.

Kate said, “As difficult as this has been for me, I am pleased that the Court has ruled fairly on behalf of myself and my children. Now that this matter has been ruled on, I look forward to returning to private arbitration, as we have agreed to do, to resolve any remaining issues.”

Wonder if Jon really will be returning the $180,000 since he previously claimed to The Insider that Kate’s claim he took $230,000 was, “A total fabrication. I withdrew $22,000 last Thursday. I have the paper trail to prove it.”

He continued, “Over the past four years of doing the show, we accrued $2,250,000. She says in the past week I took $230,000. I have withdrawn roughly $177,000 over the course of a year, which is less than 10 percent of what we made. That’s like my paycheck.”

Looks like the judge wants that paycheck!

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