Best actor nominee, Mexican actor Demian Bichir, is taking his nomination pretty seriously! And pretty celebratory, too.

He generously gifted other actors in his category like George Clooney some top shelf tequila!
In addition, Demian sent bottles to Brad Pitt, Gary Oldman and The Artist's Jean Dujardin. According to E! News, Demian explained, "The note said it was an honor to be among them. It is an honor and I was just overwhelmed to be with their names. I wanted to let them know that I admire their work and I've been a big fan forever of George, Brad and Gary, and I just met Jean, who is a great guy, too."
Then he joked, "I want to get them drunk so they can talk only beautiful things about me."
Sounds like he didn't skimp when it came to the liquid gift. Demian added, "I don't drink bad tequila. I drink only the best." On that note, cheers!
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