Blac Chyna is struggling days after giving birth to Dream Kardashian, and you won’t believe why!
It turns out her breast implants, which she got years ago, were not the best idea, as it is making nursing a pretty difficult task. Usually those with silicone enhancements risk having nipples that are either more or less sensitive than normal. And according to, the new mom may also experience breast inflammation with pain, fever, and chills that are more intense than usual.

An insider told OK! exclusively that Chyna is dealing with the consequences of having a bigger chest and “It’s absolute agony and Dream can’t get a good feed unless she spends twice the average time [on breast feeding duty.]”

But Chyna is not willing to stop nursing, despite others suggesting less painful options. “The midwives have suggested she sticks to formula now a few days have passed, but Blac’s stubborn. She insists her daughter must have mommy’s milk, even if it means she’s in agony,” said the source.

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