Earlier today we introduced you to Jackie Siegel, the star of Queen of Versailles, which is premiering in just 90 minutes (!!!) on Bravo. But since the interview was just so juicy, we had to split it up into two posts. And we promise, the best of the best is right here in part two.

OK! Exclusive: Part 1 Of Our Interview with The Queen of Versailles

Keep reading to see what Jackie told OKMagazine.com exclusively about her favorite celebrity mom, why she's excited to be on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen tonight, why she's not on Twitter and more. 

OK!: You have 8 kids. Is there a Hollywood mom that you admire for being able to balance life and work and kids?
JS: Well as a celebrity, I only met her before she had children, but Angelina Jolie. Every time they have another child I'm thinking "Wow, she’s catching up to me!" I thought that’d be fun to have all of them over and have all the kids together. 

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OK!: They have six kids so they’re almost caught up.
: Oh, they have six? I know she keeps adopting or she gets pregnant with twins and you know, she's getting up there.

OK! Are you excited that Bravo is showing this movie?
: I never thought I would be on Bravo and yeah, it's neat. I'm at the mall now and I see people looking at me but I don’t know if they recognize me or if they’re just looking at me. But it seems like more people are looking at me. Maybe I'm just too beautiful, right? (Laughs)

OK!: Are you ready to have fans come over to you?
JS: It's going to be really weird because when I was shooting the film, I didn’t know it was going to be a full-length feature film. I'm a very private person. I didn't realize how exposed my life would actually be. But I'm ok with it. I kinda wish that I dressed a little bit better or had my hair done and things like that for the movie but I was just kinda hanging out at home with the kids (laughs).

OK!: Are you a Bravo fan yourself?
JS: I don’t really have time to watch a lot of TV. But now I'm having a problem because we got the Filipino station and the nannies are paying for it and they're putting them on all over the house and I don’t even speak (the language). So everyone’s like hogging the TVs, ya know? (laughs). But I do like Game of Thrones.

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OK! You're going to be on Watch What Happens Live tonight after the movie. Are you excited?
I’m really looking forward to that. I met Andy Cohen about three weeks ago I was on Anderson Cooper and he was the co-host. So it was really kinda cool that I met him and next thing you know I'm going to be on his show. I think I might be a guest with a surprise guest star. I can't wait. Andy’s a doll. I bought his book and I read it on the plane.

OK!: The way that the movie ended is not how it is in real life for you now. Now you can clear everything up!
JS: Yes! Now when I see Andy Cohen I can tell people what really happened. They cut the movie too soon, you know? All those questions that people do ask and will want to ask after seeing the movie. I’ve had a bunch of people telling me theyre having Queen of Versailles parties tonight (laughs). They’ll get a bunch of people together at their house to watch the movie and watch the Andy Cohen show and they might log in and try to..I don’t know, I'm not very computer savvy.

OK!: Do you have Twitter?
JS: You know, I don’t know how to do it! I'm so busy, I don’t know where I'm going to find time to even have someone help me with a Twitter account.

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OK!: Maybe one day Andy can help you. He’s a pro.
JS: Yeah, maybe! (laughs). The problem is I tried to do it and people give me so many passcodes I can't remember them all. Different emails and OMG it's crazy. 

OK!: Well, congrats to you. I'm very excited for you and have fun tonight at WWHL. I'll be watching!
Oh good, thank you! I'll wave to you. I’ll blow you a kiss. You and my hundred closest friends.

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Queen of Versailles premieres tonight at 9pm on Bravo, followed by Jackie on Watch What Happens Live at 11pm! Are you going to tune in? Think Jackie will be Bravo's next huge star? What do you think of her story and our interview? Tweet us @OKMagazine!

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