Why is it that the the best pop culture moments happen over long weekends where we are are busy with other things? First there was Amanda Bynes calling out every single celebrity on Twitter, and then, well, then there was this. Will Smith and Jaden Smith were over in London for Memorial Day promoting their new film, After Earth (out this weekend!), and while on The Graham Norton Show, they treated the audience to a rap sesh. Together. But that's not all.

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All of a sudden, Will and Jaden go into rapping The Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song and out comes Jazzy Jeff! Then, Alfonso Ribeiro, aka Carlton Banks took the stage, and it was basically epic. Bradley Cooper and Heather Graham, who were there to promote The Hangover 3, seemed to enjoy themselves, too…

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Watch the epicness unfold above! Oh, and don't forget to catch Will and Jaden in After Earth this weekend. Are you excited to see the father and son in a movie together again? Do you wish there'd be a for real Fresh Prince reunion? Tweet us @OKMagazine!

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