Where were you before Sharknado changed all of our summers? Make It or Break It Actress Cassie Scerbo was planning a pretty relaxed sunny season, until the Syfy movie she starred in took over the internet—and the world! She stopped by OKMagazine.com to talk about her crazy role.

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OK!: At what point did you know Sharknado was going to be huge?

Cassie Scerbo: Before the movie even aired, I started to see Sharknado trending and I was like, that’s not our movie. It can’t be. I watched it with my family, and the next day, I wake up and I have texts, emails, calls. My publicist, my agent, my manager. I was like, what happened over night?! I was stunned. I am stunned.


OK!: What were you acting against in all of these scenes?

CS: The weirdest thing is that this was actually very challenging. You go onto a movie set, and you have to break up with a boyfriend or whatever—normal circumstances. I didn’t know how to react to a shark flying in a tornado! Just because it’s a crazy movie, doesn’t mean I’m going to do bad acting. We were given stickers, and you have to look at the sticker, for eye lines. We had one shark that was built, and everything else was CGI. My number one fear is sharks.

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OK!: Really?!

CS: Yeah. I met with the director and I was like, So there’s not going to be any real sharks, are there? He’s like, No, this is Syfy! They had to walk me up to the fake shark because I was afraid to touch it the first time. It was so scary!

OK!: You’re in a bikini the entire movie. How did you get into shape—not that you weren’t in shape before!

CS: Oh, trust me, I go in and out. I’m an Italian girl, and I like my carbs. I am a big fan of Barry’s Boot Camps and Core Power, a hot yoga place. I like to run and do weights, then take a day to do yoga and stretch my muscles. I ate really healthy. I eliminated white carbs, and tried to do a lot of whole grains, vegetables, fruit, chicken—just healthy and balanced.

OK!: You don’t want to be weak when you’re running around.

CS: You know what I was doing the whole time? It was freezing shooting this film, especially because I was in a bikini the whole time. It was 40° out and the water was like 20°. Our lips were turning blue! I was taking shots of ginger root. If you ever feel like you’re getting sick, I swear, take a ginger root shot.

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OK!: You also have great, beachy hair in the movie. What’s your favorite hair product?

CS: It’s not beachy, but I’m obsessed with It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-in Conditioner. Every hairstylist will recommend it. Someone tweeted at me yesterday, like ‘It’s so funny how Cassie Scerbo is wet and bloody the whole film, but her hair and makeup are perfect.’ We didn’t have any hair on the set! They hosed us down before every scene. I’d get on set and they’d tell me to go to the sprinkler.

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