On Saving Grace, Kenny Johnson plays Ham Dewey, an Oklahoman detective who gets down, dirty and regularly naked with his partner, played by the show’s leading lady Holly Hunter. There will be a whole lot more of that action when Saving Grace returns with four new episodes in December, Kenny shared when he stopped by the OK! office.

“That’s when TNT decided to air the last four episodes of the show, which are really leading up to the season finale,” he revealed. “And you might catch more of Ham, all of him, in the second-to-last episode.”

While their sex scenes may seem steamy, Kenny explained it’s more technical than anything else. “Down by our legs will be the boom guy and by my butt will be the focus puller. They look at you like you are machines,” he laughed, adding that Holly’s personality and openness “makes me feel really safe,” during their racier scenes. For those close-ups, the former The Shield star regularly hits the ring. “I started boxing for a role I was supposed to do and from The Shield to this, I’ve dropped 18 pounds,” Kenny said. “It just shredded me up. You’re using your legs, abs and shoulders and after an hour, you’re left dripping with sweat.”

It was right about then that I realized Kenny guest starred as Joseph, Lilly’s cute ex-boyfriend, on my favorite procedural drama Cold Case. Forget about Couch Potato! Kenny just upgraded to TV Hunk Discovered for this TV Fanatic!

Saving Grace, the final four episodes, air on TNT beginning Dec. 3.

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