It’s basically the worst-kept secret in Hollywood — or really, in Vancouver — that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson‘s romance isn’t just on screen in the Twilight films. But for K-Stew, a method actress in the mold of thespians like Daniel Day Lewis and Russell Crowe, is it possible that she’s more in love with Edward Cullen than with the hunk playing him?

When OK! spoke to Brian Young, producer of Kristen’s recently wrapped film, The Runaways, in which she portrays real-life rock star Joan Jett, he talked about her ability to become absorbed in her character.

“Kristen seems like a method actress,” he explained to OK! at the NYLON magazine party at Skybar. “She and Joan Jett really became each other, they really did. Kristen was great.”

OK! also spoke to Kristen’s Twilight co-star Christian Serratos, who confirmed, “Yeah, she definitely gets really into her characters and that’s why I think she’s such a great actress. She really soaks everything in.”

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