Damon Dash will have lots of knowledge to share with he and wife Rachel Roy’s second child, which is due in the spring.

“In the first part of my life, I was young and I made a lot of money putting wrong values into the world,” the Mr. Untouchable producer, 36, says. “The repercussions of it were watching my younger cousins and nephews do the wrong thing, based on what they thought was the right thing, and I know I was directly responsible. That’s the reason I don’t make hip hop music anymore – because I could never rap about something negative knowing that a bunch of kids are going to follow. The karmic repercussions are very severe. The way I’ve combatted that is by changing my hustle. As an individual, you evolve as you grow. I want to create opportunities for myself and the people around me. I try to capitalize on strengths and isolate the weaknesses.”

The new baby will join sister Ava, 8.

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