Tea is trending. Make up a hashtag and stick to it—the light libation approach will have you crushin’ on the kettle sitting on top of the stove. We’ve talked tea time before, but there’s a specific brew that’s got it going on.

Owl’s Brew is a tea brewing company founded by Maria Littlefield and Jennie Ripps. Together, the ladies launched a series of bottled teas that are uniquely created with cocktails in mind.


“I think the idea that tea can be used in unique ways is cool. You can do so many things. I think there’s a mixology trend and people are looking to us to see how they can use it for a cocktail,” says Jennie Ripps.

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So you wanna know how the girls are using it? Calling Captain Morgan!

“One of the first tea cocktails we ever made was with Captain Morgan. It’s kind of come full circle to create for them because it was literally one of the core blends of our company,” explains Maria.

The brand partnered with Captain Morgan Rum to create three absolutely delicious tea-based cocktails. These drinks were basically made for those of you who don’t fancy a super strong beverage in the summertime.

“Anyone can mix tea with liquor. Even though people think tea seems so light and liquor seems so powerful, it works,” says Jennie.

Oh, yes. Yes it does! The three drinks include the Captain’s Brew, the Black & Ginger, and the Captain Palmer. The latter is an unforgettable concoction of spirited tea that is ideal for a brunch with the gals. What’s more is that these drinks don’t have to be served super cold and can totally be translated into the fall season.

Wanna give them a try? Owl’s Brew and Captain Morgan gave us all the deets. Check out the recipes below!

All of these drinks take 3 ounces of the Owl’s Brew tea and 1 ounce of Captain Morgan.

Captain’s Brew
Tea Base: Ginger Chamomile
Directions: Sweeten with one tablespoon agave, or sweetener of choice and ½ ounce of orange juice. Garnish with an orange. 
Shake and pour into martini glass or pour it over ice in a rocks glass.


Captain Palmer
Tea Base: Darjeeling, Lemongrass
This recipe contains caffeine.

Directions: Sweeten with one tablespoon agave or a sweetener of your choice. Combine ½ ounce of lemon juice or fresh-squeezed lemon garnish with lemongrass or a lemon slice. Pour Original Captain Morgan over ice into a highball glass.


Black & Ginger
Tea Base: Ginger Tisane

Directions: Sweeten with 1 tablespoon of agave or a sweetener of your choice. Combine a splash of lemon. Shake and pour into a martini glass. Pour Original Captain Morgan over ice into a highball glass. If you use Captain Morgan Black, pour over ice into a rocks glass.


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