Ernie Halter has a lot to be thankful for recently. When Justin Bieber recently Tweeted a cover of Ernie’s song that he did in concert, Ernie thought that was life changing enough.


Not only did Justin Tweet his cover of Ernie’s song “Come Home To Me,” but Justin also (joined by girlfriend Selena Gomez) surprised him at a small performance in California a few days later.

Ernie only had the kindest words to say when he spoke to OK! exclusively about the experience.

“Honestly, I can’t think of an opportunity, there’s no person I can imagine short of Oprah [Winfrey] or someone, he even has more reach than that. His fans love music. They are so into music and so dialed in. One Justin Bieber fan is worth like 10 other fans of any other artist. They are just super into music and really enthusiastic. They’re just a really amazing group of people.”

When Ernie saw that Justin and Selena showed up at his concert he was shocked. “I think my brain kind of overloaded,” he told OK!. “I was looking around the room and thought people were going to like sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to me or something. Surprise! I was thinking crazy stuff. I think I went mentally not there for a good minute. I couldn’t find the words.”

“They were so sweet, “he added. “I’m amazed that both of them are fans. They said, both of us have been watching you for a long time. Justin mentioned that I had done a YouTube cover of ‘Cry Me A River’ and he’s like ‘that video that I did of that song, I did because I saw your video of the song’. That inspired me to make my own. I was like ‘ahh.’ I tried not to act like a 13-year-old girl, but I was very flattered.”


“Justin was like my girlfriend is a really big fan of yours. The first thing she (Selena) said was ‘Can you please play ‘Whisper’?’ I was like ‘yes, of course!’ As I was playing through the night, I’d look at them occasionally and they were singing along and knew the words to my songs. At this point I just feel like anything is possible. It was just so surreal.”

When he first met them he had no idea what to expect from the superstar.

“I had heard really good things about Justin prior,” Ernie explained. “I’ve also heard interviews with Selena, I caught her talking about her single. They both seemed very well spoken. They just hold themselves so well for being so young. I didn’t really know what to expect, but when I met them I was just floored at how gracious they are and how humble they are. Just very, very sweet.

Before I got a chance to talk with them they were coming over to my parents and were just talking about how big fans they are of mine. They think I’m very talented and just were so sweet posing for a few pictures with my folks. That just meant a lot to me. I just can’t say enough good things about them.”

Ernie doesn’t know if he’ll collaborate with Justin in the future, but knows that Justin (and Selena) have helped him reach a much broader audience now. “I can’t thank the both of them enough for bringing attention to my music.”


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