Singer/Songwriter Tristan Prettyman is well known in her own right as as a prolific and talented musician who writes music that touches her fans and tells stories about love and heartbreak.

She knows of what she speaks after she was left blindsided when her Grammy winner fiancé Jason Mraz ended their engagement unexpectedly just a short while after he asked her to marry him.


But now Tristan has a great new tune out about a guy she met at Trader Joe's grocery store called Rebound,  and Katy Perry recently tweeted about her love for the pretty brunette's other hit song, I Was Gonna Marry You.

Tristan is currently wowing crowds on her nationwide tour as she plays songs from her awesome album Cedar + Gold which she wrote after the breakup.

And she now shares with how she managed to get peace and closure following a recent exchange with the I'm Yours singer.

OK!: How have you managed to find closure from your breakup with Jason?

Tristan Prettyman: I think it's just time. I finally got to a place where holding on to it, especially as this negative experience, was taking up way too much space and energy. Was it a crappy situation to have to go through!? Yes. Did I come out the other end stronger, for having gone through it? Absolutely.
OK!: Are you still in contact with him?

TP: We don't talk often, but I'm sure if I needed some avocados I could cruise over and get some. 

OK!: Are you currently dating?

TP: Yes. Nothing serious though, just having fun. 

OK!: What did you learn most from that situation?

TP: Crappy things happen, all the time every day. You can't control that, but what you can control is how you let those things affect you. How can you grow from them? How you manipulate them, spin them into gold and come out on top. You can try to see it as a blessing or you can let it ruin your life. I say bring it on. This is what life is about. It challenges us so that we grow.
OK!: What do you now know for sure about love?

TP: Absolutely nothing, except that I love it. 

OK!: You've had a great response from fans who have connected with your music and found healing – what does that mean to you?

TP: It the most amazing gift ever. The fact that I had the opportunity to share my experience with others, and it's been received so warmly, as an artist, it's a dream. It's everything i could ever ask for. It's been really cool to watch the fans connect with each other too. They are some of the nicest, kindest, most compassionate people I've ever met. They inspire me every day.

1. Keep going! 
I talk to so many fans at shows about heartbreak, some are right in the middle of it, but many are just recently just broken up. I always tell them: Keep Going! Everyday try your best, to get up and carry on, and try to remember how awesome you are. Don't fight it, don't look back, just keep going, the light at the end of the tunnel is closer than you think. 

2. Keep the wine close, and your friends closer! 
I was really fortunate to have so many good friends close to me when I went through my breakup. And lots of wine was poured! HA! Many nights were spent on the couch, just talking, and dissecting, and crying, and laughing. I couldn't have made it through my breakup without some great friends, girls and guys alike. 

3. Be Down for the Rebound
! So cliché, but everyone has had one.  I had a couple. I don't really like to think of them as Rebounds though, in a way I really fell for every one of them, and then I would realize I hadn't even dealt with my breakup, that I wasn't over it, and how could I start something new? But it’s a fun distraction, and always good to love and be loved again by someone new. You kinda realize you still got your groove, and you're going to be ok.


4. Stop worrying about THEM, worry about YOU!

Its always good to remember to take care of yourself. Its easy to not sleep, not eat, and then not get out of bed all day long. But sometimes being left alone with your thoughts is more harmful than the actual breakup. It’s important to love yourself up. For me that means, super food smoothies, yoga, surfing, walks on the beach, writing in my journal, going out with friends to shows, or trying new restaurants, getting a spa treatment. Plus, who doesn't want to look all hot and super healthy when they run into their ex? 

5. Turn it into GOLD! 
Your story, your feelings, your experience, they are all yours, and they are valid. And chances are, someone, somewhere is experiencing the same things. So don't be afraid to share, to vent, to sing, to throw paint at a canvas, or start a blog. All of that icky, uncomfortable energy you are carrying…Its primo fuel to turn into something positive. For me, my breakup awakened something within me that was shut off for so long. And that was FEELING. And then, it allowed me to take all that I was feeling and put into my music. I would write and write until I couldn't write anymore. I wrote while I was still in the studio. The process became addicting, I didn't want to miss anything, and I wanted to get every little bit out. When we take our crap, and turn it into something beautiful, we are also cleaning out our "house" – Body, mind and soul – to make space for something new and beautiful to enter. So thank your ex for the fuel, and go make some GOLD baby!

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