I spent my early years (until I was 12) in Houston, TX, but I’ve never been to Austin.

In college in Arizona I bartended in a music bar and the local bands would trek to Austin for SXSW every year. Each year I’d planned to go, but I never made it…Until now.

I just arrived in Austin and checked into the Hotel Saint Cecilia. They say the name of the hotel is in honor of the patron saint of music and poetry, which is delightful, and so far the hotel is absolutely adorable – I’m penning this quick blog from my porch, overlooking the largest tree I’ve ever seen,  before running down to the Carrera Lounge for a cup of Cafe Bustelo – and to see Matthew McConoughey and Rachel Ray who I hear should be popping by shortly. Be back soon with updates from SXSW 😉 xo

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