UPDATE: Turns out this alleged romance is just another silly rumor. Kendall took to Twitter to say that she’s single. Well, that takes care of that. But still…

Even though her parents just announced their split last week and her older sister, Khloe Kardashian, is having some relationship turmoil of her own these days, Kendall Jenner‘s love life is alive and kicking. People reports that the 17-year-old model has found romance with a rapper…and probably not the one you think.

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Kendall is hooking up with Young Jinsu, a 21-year-old rapper who’s friends with Jaden Smith and Lil Twist, both of whom little sister Kylie has been romantically linked to. The couple have kept things private but plan to come out with their relationship after Kendall turns 18 on November 3 (since she’s underage right now and he’s not).

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Until then, though, here’s a photo of Young Jinsu and what appears to be Kendall from his Instagram page. Kylie posted the exact same pic on her page, so one can only put two and two together and assume that that’s Kendall with her new guy. Ah, young love.


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