We'd all like to have long, flawless, beautiful hair. But even if we don't, it doesn't mean we can't rock the same stunning styles like some of our favorite celebrities. Or maybe those with flowing locks want to go for a short pixie look for Spring without actually cutting their own tresses.

With the help of added hair from Follea, you too can get a look like Kim Kardashian, Kerry Washington, Lena Dunham or Anne Hathaway.

Kerry Washington – Style: Sleek long layers with a blunt bang

To achieve Kerry Washington's style with added hair, we used a Follea wig. This is one of the easiest, no-damage processes to completely change your look. What really makes this look is the blunt fringe. You want to make sure you are getting the bangs cut right below the brow line, since that is usually where they lay the most flattering. The nice thing about cutting the bangs on added hair is that they don't require much maintenance. Your bangs won’t grow out every couple of weeks, and you don't have to style them constantly. Once the bangs are cut, drying them with a blow dryer will add a little bit of body without too much volume. Finish the look by adding a little shine spray.


Kim Kardashian – Style: Long layered blowout with a soft bang

To achieve Kim's look, we used a Follea wig. The beauty of this is that you are easily able to go from a short dark style to a long-layered light-bang look. The bang is what differentiates this look. We keep seeing very blunt bangs on celebrities, but this is more of a softer, wispier look. This style is cut with a razor and blow-dried with a round brush. It is an easier look to maintain than the blunt bangs. The beauty of using a wig is you do not have to go through the growing-out period, and you can have bangs whenever you want to.    

Anne Hathaway – Style: Tousled pixie hairstyle with a side bang

To achieve Anne Hathaway's flirtatious pixie, you first need to start with styling the hair straight and cutting it to the desired length. Ask for longer layers on top so that there is enough length to clip in the added hair. Once the hair is to the desired length, all you have to do is clip in the Follea Topette® Crown extensions right to the top of your head. Use a 1"-1.5" curling iron on the ends to give it a little wispiness. The Follea Topette® Crown extensions will provide instant volume and fullness; which is what makes everyone want Anne Hathaway’s new look. Make sure to finish the hairstyle with a little bit of hair spray and your ready to go.  

Lena Dunham – Style: Cascading waves with a sleek top

Lena Dunham's look is something we are seeing a lot lately. It has a little bit of ‘60s retro curl feel but with the modern touch of front sleekness. To achieve this look with added hair we simply incorporated some Follea extensions in the back and the sides to add some length. Once those are in, you want to use about a 1" curling iron to curl the ends. Make sure that you are just doing the ends and not taking the curling iron all the way to the top. Brush the hair down and use some smoothing spray to smooth down hair close to the roots. Pin back a little bit of the hair on both sides and complete the look with a finishing spray.

How to transform your hairstyle from day to night, using added hair:

Added hair is not just about adding length and or volume.  It can be used to achieve an infinite number of hairstyles. When using added hair, stylists often use extensions, but that is just one out of many options. In addition to extensions, there are wigs, topettes, and fringes. With Follea, you can easily go from a short pixie to a long sleek night look in just a couple minutes; or go from a professional brunette during the day to a flirtatious blonde without any type of damage or permanency.


How to select the best added hair color and type of hair that will look the most natural:

The best way to select the color for your added hair is by considering your skin tone. Warm skin tones tend to look best with cooler colors/tones, while cool skin tones tend to go best with warm colors/tones. In addition, you want to make sure you are choosing a color that makes your eye color stand out. If you are not sure what’s best for you, sometimes looking back at childhood pictures is the best way to go. Looking at what your natural color was growing up is a big indicator of which tone/color goes the best with your skin.


When selecting your added hair, you always want to go with a texture that matches your own hair. There are many different types of hair available, but the most commonly known hair types are Chinese, Indian, and European. European hair is the finest type of hair in diameter, which means it has more movement than other hair types, thus, it is usually the best hair to use.

Tips provided by Follea, Inc. Head Stylist and Added Hair Expert Vicka Khanis.

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