August 23
Today’s celeb birthdays
1971: Jay Mohr (40)
1976: Scott Caan (35)
1978: Kobe Bryant (33)

Commercial matters come under excellent trends today so it should be a good day for you whether you’re buying or selling. There’s lots of positive regard marked in your chart with news and compliments coming your way. Social life gets a boost and an old friend gets in touch. Call me to hear when to make that financial decision.

Going over creative ideas is a useful exercise as you’ll find there’s much that can be improved by getting your head together with others of like mind. Then, put thoughts of business and red-tape aside and start planning your long Bank holiday weekend – with fun in mind! Call me to hear when to make a fresh start on that project.

Why fight your way through the holiday crowds, spend hours in traffic jams and work yourself into a lather trying to find somewhere to park when you could be having a nice relaxing day at home? That’s where your heart lies – don’t fight against it today. Call me to hear when the fun begins!

There’s warmth and contentment coming through domestic activities and family life today. It’s giving you much satisfaction to put your house in order, to tidy the garden or to spend time over a cup of coffee with friends and loved ones just relaxing chez vous. Call me to hear when to spearhead the action.

It’s a busy day ahead, Cancer – one that’s filled with variety and interest. But after so much activity yesterday, no-one would blame you if you gave social plans or commitments a miss. Shopping? Follow your nose and you could turn up a bargain today. Call me to hear when to put that idea across.

After so much soul-searching and so many doubts, it’s good to see that you’re feeling better about yourself. And with Venus in your sign, you’re putting out pheromones that others find irresistible. A quiet chat is reassuring and helps you reassess a situation close to your heart. Call me to hear when to take charge.

There’s no let-up at work it seems, Libra, and you’d value some time to get away. If you can’t, perhaps mixing business with pleasure might be a solution. Though invitations, offers and requests are coming in, you must follow your instincts and make your choices with care. Call me to hear when the penny drops.

Despite whatever odd little domestic complication, like a blown fuse or a leak, that you may have had in the last twenty-four hours, the trends are actually quite buoyant today. Friends are especially warm and supportive, and close ties of affection receive a boost. Call me to hear when to take the lead with the group.

For most people this is the holiday month. You, though, are making great inroads at work and soaring to new heights. Ideas? You’re generating so many! Keep a notepad close and jot down those important insights that strike you. They’ll come in handy next week. Call me to hear when to take the helm at work.

If you’ve left it until today to get away on holiday, you’ve timed things well because the trends are in your favor. Journeys are especially linked with romance. Repairs and other remedial tasks should go well. Issues concerning money still need to be addressed. Call me to hear when to make that move.

If money has been an issue recently don’t, whatever you do, let it become an excuse to turn down any invitations or opportunities to get out and enjoy yourself. Once you’ve attended to security and double-checked that all is safe, you can happily take off. Call me to hear when to strike that deal.

Love grows deeper as the stars begin to weave some love magic for you. But you’re in danger of letting a bad dream or past memories spoil things. Try to remind yourself today that the past is a different country and then – live for today! Call me to hear when love shines.

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