Like any reasonable person, I have spent the last decade or so being peeved by Gwyneth Paltrow. The crazy diets, the tone-deaf quotes about her own wealth, the GOOP newsletters, naming her daughter Apple—there's been a lot to laugh at.

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But lately, the gig is up. I have to admit that my hatred for Gwyneth was coming from the wrong place. I hated her for the same reason you hated the most popular girl in your high school class: she was prettier than you, and her life seemed awesome. You can't hate someone for being awesome. She's a wonderful actress, she has awesome style, her kids are adorbs, and it's cool that she's constantly working on interesting side projects.

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Now that I'm coming clean, the love is just pouring out. Here are the reasons I just can't get enough of her.

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She's like, really hot. I know, ground-breaking, right? It's not like she was just named People's Most Beautiful Person in the World recently or anything. But she's just really pretty, and her hair always look awesome, and her legs look better than mine ever will. But that's okay, because I don't feel like working out two hours a day.

The movie Bounce is incredible. Have you ever seen Bounce? She and Ben Affleck are in love and Edwin McCain's "I'll Be" plays in this trailer and it is so '90s-tastic.

She's really close friends with Ross Mathews, whom we're chatting with on Monday in a Google+ hangout. I think it's very sweet that she would befriend an intern on the red carpet in the height of her fame! She has the best Hollywood friendships ever. It seems she's not wearing makeup in this picture, and she looks like a teenage model from Sweden.

Oh my God, Country Strong. Country Strong is the best movie of the 2010s so far. She is so freakin' delightful in this scene, it hurts my heart. Not to mention when she drunkenly dances on a bar, and pukes into a trash can, and sings in tiny dress.

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