The current season of Glee has shown a split in locations between Lima, Ohio where the current New Directions glee club is, and New York City, where Rachel, Santana and Kurt moved post graduation. However, sources confirmed to TVLine that the show might be moving to NYC full time, and that it could happen as early as this season!

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Since Cory Monteith’s death (lead character Finn Hudson), the Glee creators admit that they have had to make some diffcult changes to the show. In a recent interview, creator Ryan Murphy addresses Cory’s absence and says “It’s hard every day. It’s hard in the writers room, it’s hard on the set.” The show will be ending after its sixth season, but Murphy suggests he has a good idea of how to end the show that will be “very satisfactory,” and also in Cory’s honor.

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Though we don’t know what moving to NYC will mean for Glee, it definitely could cause a casting shift as producers will have to decide which of the current McKinley kids will move to NYC with Rachel, Santana, and Kurt. Whether in New York City or not, we are sure they will find a good way to honor the show and Cory in the last few seasons. Do you?

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