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Does THIS Intimate Tape Of Kim Kardashian & Ray J Prove Kim's Butt Is Fake?

She went from pancake to pound cake, and frankly, we have questions.

Kim Kardashian has been known for years for having a big backside, but a newly released tape of her and Ray J raises major questions about the authenticity of that booty!

In the video, obtained by RadarOnline.com, Kim wears a super-tight dress as Ray grasps her butt, showing off her backside, which is practically FLAT compared to what it is currently. While weight gain is normal as a woman ages and has children, Kim’s body is slim with a giant rear-end: a completely different shape than in this video from her 23rd birthday celebration in Cabo.

In another part of the tape, Kim wears a tiny pair of shorts, and her butt can barely be seen! A far cry from the Kim of today.

Still, Kim has maintained that she has never gotten plastic surgery butt implants, crediting her insane proportions on working out.

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