They say the show must go on.

And Michael Jackson‘s death could be the biggest test of that famous phrase.

Some, including various members of his family, think that the massive concert series he was preparing in London should continue in some form, in spite of his passing.

And Judith Hill, one of the back-up singers who had been set to perform with MJ in his shows at London’s O2 arena — and who was featured in the final two songs at Tuesday’s memorial service in L.A. — has said she thinks that that’s what Michael would have wanted.

“I think he would want to see it,” Judith tells Entertainment Tonight.

“It was his show,” she said in an interview to be aired tomorrow night. “It would be a beautiful thing to bring it to the world and show the world what we’ve been working on with Michael and what Michael envisioned.”

While some have said that the preparations for the show were tortuous for the superstar, Judith, who will reprise her performance of “We Are The World” on tomorrow’s edition of ET, said that the rehearsals for the “This Is It” shows had been a “beautiful experience”.

“He kept saying throughout the whole rehearsal, ‘I love you guys. Thank you guys so much. We’re family.’ And he just embraced us. He was very warm. It was a beautiful experience.”

Tune in to Entertainment Tonight tomorrow, Friday, July 10 for more.

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