jason-deruloListen, Jason Derulo doesn’t want to tell you how to live your life, but he does need you to know that Jolly Ranchers are the candy choice of summer. The singer is involved in the Sweet Summer Showdown with band Karmin (who are rocking Twizzlers as their confection of choice) and there is some seriously fun trash talk going on between the artists. Fans are encouraged to head to the contest’s official website to vote for their favorite candy and enter for a chance to win cool prizes, like meeting Jason himself. Here’s what happened when the “Wiggle” singer phoned in to OK! to give us the scoop…

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OK!: This is our kind of battle—how did you get involved with the Sweet Summer Showdown?
Jason Derulo: Well, basically I know that Jolly Rancher is the candy of the summer and Karmin thinks otherwise so I plan to kick their butt and I want everyone to know that Jolly Rancher is the candy of the summer. You don’t necessarily have to be hungry—it’s an anytime candy.

OK!: Do you have a favorite flavor?
JD: I do! Cherry is my favorite and another one I go to is watermelon.

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OK!: Are you much of a candy guy?
JD: I am! At any given time you can walk into my studio or my dressing room and see buckets of red and pink.

OK!: You cover “Celebration” as part of the showdown, what do you love about that song?
JD: It’s one of my favorite classics and it’s very summery. It was fun to put my own little spin on it.

OK!: Is there another song that always takes you back to summer memories?
JD: “I’ve Got a Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas reminds me of summer and always brings me back to Miami.

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OK!: What’s up next for you?
JD: My single “Trumpets” is about to drop and after that I’m going to work on some new music because I’ve been on the same album for two years now. I’m ready to do some new stuff. After “Trumpets” there will be new music.

OK!: Have you been writing or do you still have to sit down and map out a full album?
JD: I was literally just starting writing and recording yesterday. I think an album should be ready pretty soon.

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