Singer and actress Jessica Simpson and her Dallas Cowboy boyfriend Tony Romo appeared to have a good time last night at the Key Club in Hollywood — perhaps too good of a time!

The former Mrs. Nick Lachey and her footballer beau left the bar, where they had performed briefly onstage with mock rock band Metal Skool, and eyewitnesses tell OK! that Jess might have had a little too much to drink."She appeared to very intoxicated," says one witness. "Tony had to help her into the car."

"It appeared she was having problems walking upright," continues the source. "She was mumbling incoherently under her breath to people in the street. She almost tripped."

Last year, shortly after his team was eliminated from the NFL playoffs, a then-single Tony made a similar appearance on stage with Metal Skool, where he and Dennis Haskins (better known as Mr. Belding from Saved By the Bell) sang along with the band to Journey hit "Don’t Stop Believing."

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