They came, they saw, they conquered. To say the contestants conquered the scale on The Biggest Loser would be an understatement.

Last night during the live finale, Ramon Medeiros, Antone Davis and John Rhode competed for the $250,000 cash prize but only one emerged victorious.
Since John was the big winner on the ranch, he got to determine the order of the final weigh-in: Ramon, then Antone and then himself. As Ramon stepped on the scale with his typical gregarious personality (as in, "Boom!"), he lost a total of 154 pounds which equated to a 43.48 percent weight loss.
Next up was Antone who came to the ranch weighing 447 pounds. As pointed out by E! News, his end result? 202 pounds shed and a 45.19 percent weight loss. This bumped Ramon out of the competition and then John finally stepped onto the scale. In order to win, he needed to lose at least 201 pounds but he sealed the deal after it was confirmed he lost 220 pounds on the ranch! 
As confetti dropped and he hugged Bob Harper, his trainer, who said how determined and focused the biggest loser was on the ranch, let's not forget about the other competition!
The lose-weight-at-home finalists were Vinny Hickerson, Patrick Ferrari and Jennifer Rumple. After getting on the scale one last time, it turns out Jennifer lost three more pounds than Vinny and bam! She took home the cash prize of $100,000!
Congratulations, John and Jennifer!

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