"Whine Up" singer Kat DeLuna, 19, hit the big time this summer, but her life was always sweet.
“My first job was at Dunkin’ Donuts,” she told OK! at the NYC premiere of Illegal Tender on Aug. 20. “I served doughnuts; I ate doughnuts. I was actually young getting a job, so it was cool. I loved blueberry doughnuts!”
These days, she’s splurging on shoes. “A lot of shoes,” she told OK! “I’m in love with shoes. I can’t have enough.”
What’s one thing she misses from her school days? “The skating rink,” she told OK! “We used to always do parties and dance around before school because after school there were no parties. You had to go and study.”
One lesson she’s learned is new beauty tips. “Skip foundation for the daytime,” Kat told OK! “Just do a little bronzer, fake eyelashes, no liner and a very bare-nude lip gloss. That works for me!”
By Valerie Nome

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