While Emilie de Ravin made about eleventy billion girls jealous today by filming a kissing scene with Robert Pattinson for Remember Me, who can forget that hot clinch R-Pattz filmed with Kristen Stewart for New Moon in Italy?


We asked fans via our Twitter page a few smooch-related questions, the first being, "What would you do or give to switch places with Emilie?"


Our findings? Most fans would give anything and everything to be in a lip-lock with their favorite vampire. Here are a few of your most creative responses:


No sleep til R-Pattz, says AudreyMadison: "However much i had to pay, its worth it. I would give up my clothes my electronics my bed and everything else."


Get a job, suggests Chococat: "I wish I could be her stunt double and I would work for free!"


Bye bye, Twitter, hello Rob, promises robsession.ca: "I’d give up Twitter for a day. That’s asking A LOT."





Okay so which kissing scene was hotter? Not really a difficult question for most Twi-hards to answer, as the overwhelming response was in favor of K-Stew and Rob’s New Moon smooch fest. It is Bella and Edward, after all!


No competition for twilightus: "NOT EVEN CLOSE! Believe me on this one Rob & Kristen/Edward & Bella!!!!!"


It’s all about science, says jkennedy80: "Rob kissing Kristen is much hotter, they have great chemistry !"


Onscreen passion is real for traceeDF: "The New Moon scene is way hotter! The passion between the 2 is real." 


Case closed.



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