Even not-so-eagle-eyed Lady Gaga fans have noticed by now that the star’s naked a lot in some of her newer work.

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Gaga now reveals that she’s always been pretty comfortable not wearing any clothes.

“I definitely walked around naked a lot as a kid, and my mom used to joke with me because I would always try to freak the babysitter out and…hide behind the couch and rip all my clothes off and run around and singing “The Little Mermaid” or whatever,” Gaga revealed on Sirius XM’s The Morning Mash Up.

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“And now really what it’s more about is I find it very interesting to be able to transform as much as possible with very little makeup and nude,” she continued.

Just how does Gaga do that? “So I spend a lot of time in the mirror with these wigs, and the makeup and the outfits, figuring out how I am going to become somebody new,” she says.

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