I'm still fuming over Ven! Unbelievable. But I will stop venting, hehe, sorry, I really wanted to get that in.

What did everyone think about this week’s show? I was a little bit bored by the challenge to be honest. Someone tweeted that “Buffi would be glad she was not in this challenge” — whoever said that, girl you are damn right, I totally agree! I actually think I went out at the best possible time. The Marie Claire group challenge that happened the week after I got the boot, was insane. Talk about Hunger Games, those crazies would have eaten me alive.

I think everyone will agree with me that it was great that Gunnar was allowed to stay! We all love him and I think he has more to show as a designer! Still think Ven should have gone last week and this week, get rid of him already!


Moving on… New York Fashion Week, yes! FNO [Fashion’s Night Out], double yes! FNO is me and my girlfriends’ fave night out. It's all about fashion and fashion's holy water, champagne. This week I got a little taster of what is to come with a couple of fashion parties, including the ROSS Shane&Shawn launch party at TOY in the Meatpacking. Lots of dancing and lots of bubbles makes for a good night and a bad head the next day.

Apart from bubbles and hangovers, I also experienced some real hate for the first time, and that shit hurt. I got called “ugly”, “too skinny” and a bunch of other really horrible things that kinda made me a little sad. I can't believe people take the time to write things to deliberately hurt someone. Fine, poop on my designs, my style but when you call me ugly, it's really just full on cruel, it’s bullying! I can't help how I look! But then, I got this email from two young girls, and it made this whole experience worth it, you gotta take the rough with the smooth I guess:

Hi, I'm Piper. I'm eight, and I watch project runway and I loved your designs. I loved them because they're really really cute and fun. And here's a picture of me (to follow in another email) and I love to hula hoop. I wear lipstick like you sometimes and I like fashion and I modeled for my brother's art project. I didn't see the show where you were voted off but I heard about it and it made me sad. They should have let you go to the next level, I would like to have seen more of your dresses.
Love, Piper”

“Hi Buffi,
This is Etta. I'm twelve. I've watched every episode of project runway and I rooted for you the whole time. You were so cheerful and your outfits were very unique and really reflect who you are. I was very sad when you got voted off. Congratulations for making it on the show and surviving the first few challenges. I like your sense of style,
Keep up the good work!
Love, Etta”

The best part of having done Project Runway is how I have been able to inspire women and girls of all ages, which is why I am going to be doing a lot more teaching. Check out the fun classes I'll be running at the Esaie Couture Design School in Brooklyn, including a fashion class inspired by Project Runway challenges, as well as Fashion Illustration on Photoshop and Illustrator, so check out the site, www.esaiecouturedesignschool.com, to see when the classes go up!


Let’s get a quick diet tip in for the week:

LESS FAT: Reduce the amount you eat, save it for a treat every now and then. You'll see the pounds drop off! You can get some great vegan versions out there, which is totally a big part of the Fegan Diet. If you can't handle that, try the low-fat versions to get your cheesy fix. If you live in France you are completely f***, don't ever ask the dude at the cheese shop for the fat-free option (if you have any idea how to say that in french in the first place), I imagine there is a law against such kinds of talk out there for that.

Long weekend coming up and I'll be moving back to Brooklyn. Bye-bye Manhattan, I will miss you, you're awesome, but only a 20-minute bike ride away, so I'll be back.

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND, PEOPLE! And please continue to vote for me for fan fave: RT: #teambuffi for fan fav @projectrunway

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