Setting: MySpace Cafe, downtown Denver.


I’m sitting in a satellite MySpace Cafe enjoying a free grilled cheese, tomato soup and coffee while I wait for Kal Penn and Star Jones to stop by for lunch – and a few questions from yours truly. I heard stars from Madonna to Gwyneth, Bono to George Clooney were going to be in town but am so far disappointed. George is actually in Venice palling around with BFF Brad Pitt and promoting his film in the Venice Film Festival as I write and was saying last night how he’s better suited to be at a film festival than taking the limelight off the candidates at the DNC.

That said, at this point I’m taking what I can get. I like Kal and his character on House and I’ve interviewed Ms. Jones several times before, but they’re not Ben Affleck. I was slated to interview Ben while he was at a City Harvest event at the local Food Bank, but alas, that was not to be.

Eva Longoria was here at MySpace Cafe yesterday. I saw her Desperate Housewives co-star Dana Delaney this morning at a Creative Coalition event honoring the film "14 Women" and its narrarator Annette Benning, who Anne Hathaway gushed ‘is perfect.’

Dana told me, ‘There are so, so, so many surprises next season on Desperate Housewives!" She told me she took a couple of days off to come to the DNC, they’re currently shooting episode five of the season and since it’s five years later than when last season left off, hair/make-up takes a little bit longer, except ‘Not for Eva’ who decided to chop her locks and put on some pounds to change her look in both her real and false realities. Dana, who said she’s been emailing with Eva since she got here, thinks Eva’s dedication to the role ‘is great.’  Conversely, she obvs. doesn’t speak as much to her other co-star Nicolette Sheridan because was quite surprised when I’d informed her Nicolette and her fiance Michael Bolton had called off their long engagement.


Stay tuned for more, live from the DNC in Denver…

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