Before the internet, did everyone make sex tapes and we just didn’t know about it? The latest celebrity with a sex tape being exposed is Mimi Faust, star of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta on vh1, and her boyfriend Nikko Smith.

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In this case, it does not seem like the tape was stolen from Faust and Smith. On the contrary, they have signed to release it with Vivid Entertainment. You may recognize the company as being the porn studio behind the sex tape releases of Kim Kardashian, Pamela Anderson, and Farrah Abraham. There are images of the tape on TMZ, and it seems to have nice production value and some excellent lighting. Well done, folks!

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There is a bit of a history with celebrities having sex tapes “leak,” but these days, it seems like more and more stars are just cutting out the middleman (or the lying) and handing their sex tapes right to producers. Bravo?

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