Watch: Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham Defends Her Parenting And Her Line of Sex Toys on The Doctors

Well, it’s over with. Farrah Abraham appeared on The Doctors today and she got out semi-unscathed.  But honestly, watching her interview with the show’s in-house doctors was kind of rough and reminds me of that time she got demolished (aka really made fun of) of Howard Stern’s radio show a few months back. Of course the doctors asked her about why she made the decision to make a sex tape and then a line of sex toys, and of course they all were dying to know how she would explain this to her daughter Sophia when she got older. It’s hard to watch.

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I’ve gotta give Farrah some credit because this is possibly the most eloquent she’s ever been (hey, we all know Farrah isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, guys), but the doctors have a point. What will she tell Sophia? Why is she, as she says, capitalizing on her fame by being in a porno? Can’t she use her Teen Mom past to do something better like, you know, advocate against teen pregnany (which I know she does, I’m just making a point here).

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Watch the video above to see how Farrah handled it all, and then go cringe in the corner. Warned ya. What do you think of Farrah’s interview? Do you agree that she’s just being a businesswoman or should she have chosen a different “business” for the sake of her daughter? Tweet us @OKMagazine.

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