As one of the new judges on American Idol this season, saying Nicki Minaj has made a splash is an understatement. The unapologetically brazen performer has a judging style all her own and certainly doesn’t mince words. The Trinidadian talent was just as blunt during a conference call with reporters on Monday, when she was very frank about her value to the current Idol season and her all-around awesomeness.

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“My best and worst Idol moments—I don’t have a worst Idol moment,” Nicki said in reply to a question about the highs and lows of her season thus far. “I’ve been spectacular. Yes, I’m going to toot my own horn. And then, my best moment is every single moment. I’ll toot it again.

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Despite the singer’s lofty opinion of herself, she does feel a sense of gratitude for the opportunity to try out her judging chops.

“I’m just happy that Idol producers gave me a shot on the show for me to be able to show who I really am because I feel like I’m every single woman,” says Nicki. “I really, really don’t think, outside of maybe some pink wigs, that there’s anything that separates me from every other woman in America, so I’m just happy that I was given the opportunity. Some people don’t get an opportunity to show the world who they really are. Some people come out and put an album out and people just never talk about them again, but I was given an opportunity to show who I am as a human being and I really appreciate that.”

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In defense of her criticism on the judge’s panel regarding some of the contestants overall appearance and style, Nicki says she’s just preparing the hopefuls for what to expect once the show is over and they’re working on their professional careers.

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“I think that when you go out in to the real world as an artist you may want to think about it (your look),” she says. “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with thinking about how you want to look, how you want to present yourself to the world. I also think they need to hear criticism on their look on the show because that’s what they’re going to be criticized on in the real world. They’re going to go on…every single day and see themselves on the worst dressed list or best dressed list or saying they look bad or whatever so they need to start getting an idea of the real world.”

Catch Nicki offering her words of wisdom to the eight finalists on American Idol tonight at 8 PM.

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