Oscar winner Nicole Kidman admits she’s shy at the New York Film Festival premiere of her family drama Margot At The Wedding. “It takes time to break through that barrier,” Mrs. Keith Urban, 40, says. “The only way to overcome it is to spend time together, eat meals together and play.” Nicole bonds with her onscreen son Zane Pais by taking walks on the beach, and co-star Jennifer Jason Leigh invites her over for meals. “She’d come over and I’d cook various breakfasty things and dinnery things.” Co-star Halley Feiffer says Nic pays compliments. “I wore a bikini in one scene and I felt really self-conscious. She was like ‘you look so good in that bikini.’ I was like ‘no, I don’t, but thank you, that’s so nice.’ I was really moved by unnecessarily generous she was.”

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