What a season it's been on Married to Medicine, eh? It was only 8 episodes but it felt like a milion. So. Much. Happened! And if you remember, we spoke to Mariah Huq last week about what went down behind-the-scenes, so it's only fair to get Toya Bush-Harris to weigh in with her side of the sitch. And that she did.

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Read on to see what Toya told us about why she doesn't care about Quad, what it was like prepping for and filming the crazy two-part reunion, and what you didn't see on the show that Toya hopes we'll get to see in season 2. It's below!

OK!: Did you have issues with Mariah before the show started? Or did they just happen when filming started?
Toya Bush-Harris: No, it definitely didn’t stem from the filming. We didn’t have issues, but we are very competitive women, all of us, if you haven’t noticed. And I think that we are all very different women too. Mariah has a totally different lifestyle from what I have. I was very happy being a stay-at-home mom. I was very happy raising my children—taking some time off of my career to do that. Mariah needed to have more. I think going in, we always had the potential to argue. We never knew we had the potential to fight

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OK!: Right.  In the last few episodes, it seemed like it's been you and Kari vs. Quad and Mariah and Simone and Jackie in the middle. Would you say it’s still like that now? 
TBH: You know, I didn’t really get that. That’s definitely how the last episode played out, but honestly, me, Simone, Jackie, we talk all the time. Me and Kari—we talk every day. So, I don’t think it’s Jackie and Simone in the middle. They couldn’t stand the fighting and they didn’t understand someone who couldn’t forgive and move past it and be mature in the situation. I think you’ll notice in the reunion that everyone has a very firm voice. 

OK!: So you didn’t mention that you still talk to Quad and Mariah. Do you think that you’ll ever get back to where you were with them?
TBH: I’ve never been in a place where I feel comfortable with Quad, so who cares about her. (laughs) Mariah, we have always had a relationship where we’ve always been able to get back to being cordial, to speaking terms. I think deep down there is no hatred between us. I really believe that, like I said, in the reunion, you’ll see that we’re both in a place where we can possible try to work things out. 

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OK!: Do you have the hardest time getting along with Quad?
TBH: Yes. In the beginning of the season, I walked up to her and said I just want to make sure you and I are OK, it seems like you are still upset over what happened of us not attending the wedding. And just from that, she took it from 0 to 20. She went on a cussing spree in the backroom, so I don’t really feel like her and I are at a place where she is able to have conversation without Mariah giving her the answers or helping her to put her thoughts together. 

OK!: That whole thing with Quad's mugshot and her accusing you of drinking and driving was pretty intense. Did you regret that being shown on TV?
TBH: No, not at all. To be honest, the only part that really upset me was when she decided to fabricate a lie. I was very upset because at that time we were filming, my driving record had been spotless. I had never been pulled off for drinking and driving. I had never thought of drinking and driving with my children in the car. It was just a lie that it was so frustrating. 

OK!: Going into fiming this reunion, did you prepare by watching other Bravo reunion shows?
TBH: I didn’t prepare. I think the best preparing is to be myself. If I’m preparing, that comes off as being fake and that’s definitely not what I want people to perceive when they see me. I think when people see me, they think she’s being real. I’m not acting. I’m not pretending. 

OK!: When you started working with Andy on these reunion shows, what surprised you about him that you maybe didn’t know from watching him on TV?
TBH: I don’t know about you, but when you watch Andy, you really don’t know whose side he is on. You really don’t know how to take him sometimes. I think when I did Watch What Happens Live, he was totally himself. He was totally open. It was nice to see that he had a really nice personality and that he was open to everyone and didn’t pick sides. That was great.

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OK!: You didn't feel like he had to mediate at all? Did you feel bad for him?
TBH: You know what? I did feel bad for him because sometimes, you put all of us in one room, it’s a mess. And, I think that I felt bad for him at times because he would sit there and look at us like, are you all done? Trying his hardest to be nice—not to say, OK look, shut up. I can’t hear you. Which one of y’all is talking now. It was hilarious at times. He handled it really well. 

OK!: I've seen quite a few of the clips from the reunion show already and it looks intense! Is it as crazy as it looks?
TBH: People’s facial expressions say a lot! I really enjoyed the reunion. I thought everybody was very upfront. I thought that you could see very clearly who was on some B.S, who was trying to come and be honest, who was, you know, in the game. It was really good. I think you’re going to really enjoy it. Really. I think you might even enjoy that better than the season. Because I know I definitely did. 

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OK!: Did you feel relief when you were finished taping? Or did it just stress you out more?
: I did. Girl, I went back in the room and screamed "finally!" When I decided to do this show, in the beginning, I was very nervous. I would literally be sweating and nervous about speaking. And I think that now—now that I get to go back and look at these episodes, I can see that there’s reason to be. Because every thing you say can be critiqued. Like that situation where me and my husband were in the kitchen and I was like, I’m so glad I waited to have children. They took that and ran with it. They were like, that’s a slight at Mariah. And I was like, no? Me and my husband were talking about how hard it is. 

OK!: If there were to be a season two, what do you hope it would show?
: I took custody of my little sister when she was in fifth grade. They don’t see that. You don’t even know—you couldn’t even tell from the show that my little sister lives with us.  I think there is a lot of positive things that we all do that just wasn’t shown. Maybe people like to see me and Kari in the bathroom talking about Quad’s mug shot. In reality, I was upset because my father-in-law was being taken off life support and my husband had just left to go and take care of that. We were all getting the family together to go and burry him. I just think the sister part makes a good TV too. I would like to see that next season.

OK!: Well, that sounds awesome. I’ve been watching the whole season, so I’m excited to see how it all plays out.
TBH: I’ve been here waiting for my video to come here in the mail. I’m interested myself!

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Part 1 of the Married to Medicine reunion airs Sunday, May 26 at 9pm on Bravo! Are you excited to see how things play out? Are you surprised that Mariah and Toya haven't made up? Tweet us @OKMagazine!

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