Brace yourself because you are about to see some of the best nail art of your life. Yes Hands is a website and really just a general life attitude started by Glennis McCarthy where she does the most incredible nail designs and posts the pics on the website and well as the Yes Hands Instagram.

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Glennis is one of the most fun people you will ever meet (just in case her bright pink hair isn't already an indication!) who also cares about having beautiful, healthy nails. She does custom nail art for you depending on what you like, are in the mood for, are wearing, whatever you are feeling!

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Those watermelon nails above look so good I want to eat that person's hand off. And these lips? Well, I'll keep my mouth to myself but let's just say they are so adorable I would totally smooch them all over.

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I was getting ready to attend a concert so Glennis painted these adorable music notes for me!

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And you ain't seen nothing yet. It probably took her the the same amount of time it takes to watch 15 episodes of the show to create these insanely funny and creative Arrested Development nails, but wow:

The best part? Glennis is as amazing as these nails. You will want to be her best friend/basically BE her by the end of your nail art/therapy session. Therapy for your nails and also because you know, she's a great listener and also has hilarious stories. 

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For more info on how to get Glennis on your paws, be sure to check out and follow them on Instagram to see all the daily designs. You can also follow Glennis on Twitter @PhantomGlennis.

What design would you have Glennis do on your nails? Tell us in the comments below or on Twitter @OKMagazine.

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